Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Amazon is working on a new horror game that looks absolutely sick [VIDEO]

lost within

In Amazon’s quest to provide more homegrown games for their growing platform of Android phones, tablets and television products, the company has partnered with an experienced development house to bring an awesome new game. It’s called Lost Within, a horror game that places you into the shoes of a patient stuck at a haunted, hollowed mental ward.

Everything seems ordinary at first — your typical eery building that used to be filled with some of the world’s most deranged, crazy, delusional and, well, weird people — until you realize there’s a good reason the building was completely abandoned. Something inside it is out to kill anything and everything that steps foot inside, including you.

This isn’t a simple hide-and-seek jump scare fest like most horror games tend to be these days. The player will have access to the various tools scattered throughout the asylum to create makeshift weapons and defend themselves. That’s not to say you won’t need to hide at all, though — you won’t always have a weapon available. You’ll also find scarcity in the amount of supportive items such as medkits, so you’ll need to be as frugal as you’ve ever been.

The adventure will wind to a close whenever you uncover the asylum’s darkest secrets and understand why it is now inhabited by such an evil being.

If that description doesn’t have your curiosity piqued, perhaps this will: the same development studio that headed up Prey is making Lost Within. Prey never reached the heights of some of its contemporary counterparts in the mid-2000s, but it was a very good experience that had a lot of new ideas that other games had yet to explore.

Something else that might delight you to know is that they are sticklers for quality: they cancelled Prey 2 because they felt like it wasn’t up to their standards. We’re sure that studio’s lingering desire to keep trying new things and get it perfect will spill into Lost Within’s development and make a positive impact, and we can’t wait to see it for ourselves.

The game is scheduled for launch later this year on the Amazon Kindle Fire family of tablets, the Amazon Fire Phone, the Amazon Fire TV and TV Stick, as well as iPhone and iPad. Is this interesting enough to get you to buy one of Amazon’s products to play it? Let us know what you think below!

[via Gamespot]

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