Friday, March 13, 2015

Google’s latest reference app shows developers how to target different types of devices

music sample auto

Android is on a lot of different types of devices these days, and it might be confusing for even an experience developer to efficiently target all of them with a single app. Thankfully Google has come up with a great new code example to show you exactly how it’s done.

music sample watch

This example uses a standard music player app that has a full-fledged user interface on your phone or tablet, but simple pause, play, and skip features for those using the app through Android Auto, Android TV or on their Android Wear smart watch. The app itself is very basic, but the point isn’t to show you how to make the holy grail of music players.

Google has uploaded the source code to GitHub right here. Compile the app. Look into the code. See how it all works together. Become a more awesome developer because of it.

[via Google]

from Phandroid

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