Thursday, March 19, 2015

HTC is still making cringeworthy Robert Downey Jr ads [VIDEO]

rdj rabbit

HTC, we thought you’d learned your lesson. Perhaps that confession that spending $1 billion on Robert Downey Jr’s services for your ad campaign was a mistake wasn’t as sincere as we thought. We thought you’d come to your senses and deliver ads that, you know, actually make sense.

But nope, you’re still doing this:

And this:

And whatever the hell that is:

Dudes dressed in creepy rabbit costumes, mermaid leggings and a horde of videos where there is no dialog just isn’t doing it for us, and gives us no desire to buy an HTC One M9. Please stop. Thanks. Oh, and to you readers: watch all 10 videos right here if you can stand it.

from Phandroid

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