Thursday, March 19, 2015

Barty Run

Encounter strange enemies in a dense tropical forest with towering cliffs. What, pink elephants you say?! The crocodile infested swamp will stop you. You but one job: to clear a cushy path for Barty and make sure that he doesn’t go hungry! Bananas are his favorites, especially the bouncy ones. Remember running is a strenuous exercise and the forest monkeys are your friends! Well, at least most of them are.

Don’t forget all the glittering treasures on the island!

Based on the short film “The Adventures of Barty and the Pirate”, Barty Run is a fun and enjoyable side scrolling endless run game! Suitable as a casual game to play during commute and also a brain-training challenge if need be!

Barty Run features:

● Innovative game play, use different gestures to defeat enemies!

● Amazing 2D and 3D graphics

● Beautiful side parallax scrolling endless level

● Upgradeable power ups and abilities

● Physics based banana throwing

● Simple and fun to play but challenging to master

● Leaderboards and achievements. Play and compete with your friends

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