Tuesday, March 31, 2015

HTC One M9 drop test and and full water submersion makes us cringe [VIDEOS]

HTC One M9 cracked display

We still have a few more days before you can officially mosey into a store and leave with a shiny new HTC One M9 in your pocket. After we saw the Samsung Galaxy S6’s durability put to the test, it’s now time for the the HTC One M9 to suffer the same fate.

Our latest double feature is brought to you by Phil Esposito and the twisted minds over at TechSmartt who wasted no time in taking up HTC on their new Uh Oh protection policy. We know most devices these days feature some level of water resistance, normally just enough to survive a few minutes out in the rain or a quick splash into a puddle.

HTC already told us, like last year’s One M8, the One M9 is rated for IPX3. This means it’s splash proof, but isn’t meant to be fully immersed in water. But what happens if (heaven forbid) your brand new HTC One M9 takes a dive into your toilet? Well, according to the video below, it might be salvageable even if swimming around for 20+ minutes (the Galaxy S6 hit a similar time before kicking the bucket). Check out the video down below to see for yourself.

Now, we know the HTC One M9 can survive a quick dip in water — but what about when it slips out of your hand and comes into contact with cold, hard concrete. Once again, we have another video showing you this worse case scenario, illustrating exactly what happens when you drop the HTC One M9 from a series of different heights. The result? A few dings, dents, chips, and eventually… a broken display. No surprise there.

But all in all, the HTC One M9 held up rather well. Because the glass is kind of floating towards the middle of the device (thank goodness for the boom sound speakers, right?), a big drop onto its corner wont actually crack the display. It will, however, leave a nasty dent in the body.

While situations like this are enough to make any smartphone lover cringe, there’s a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing that no matter what happens to your HTC One M9 — whether it’s dropped, doused, or set on fire — HTC’s Uh Oh protection has you covered.

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