Sunday, March 29, 2015

Instant – Quantified Self

Quantified Self – Instant is a lifestyle app, automatically tracks the daily usage of your device/apps, fitness time and travel.

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Instant is a lifelogging tool. It works seamlessly in the background tracking how much time you spend on your device/apps everyday, how much you walk, how much you travel & how many times you unlocked it. Additionally reminders can be set according to your daily limit. Instant has been completely been designed from scratch to give our users a Material Design user interface. It works on the same principle as Fitness Trackers to make users aware with graphs and limit reminders. Instant enables you to check your habits.

Key features of Instant 2.0:

1. Automatically track your device usage time & daily unlock count

2. Track your app usage

3. Integrated with Google Fit to track your fitness and travel time

4. Graphs for a Quantified Self

5. Get reminders as notifications according to usage time

6. Widget for quick tracking

Instant is developed to promote a balanced lifestyle so that you can focus more on the people around you and live in the moment. Instant is a phone habit tracker works similar to fitness trackers by making users more aware of the data. For more information visit us on:

As seen on Techcrunch, Gizmodo, Android Central, Android Authority, Phone Arena and Huffington Post.

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