Monday, March 30, 2015

My Calc

My Calc is a fully featured All-In-One calculator for your everyday calculations.

My Calc includes: Scientific calculator, Standard, Currency, Tip and Percent calculator which can be accessed from the menu.

● My Calc Features:

✓ Result history;

✓ Unit conversions;

✓ Physical constants table;

✓ Traditional algebraic operation;

✓ Permutations (nPr) & Combinations (nCr);

✓ Trigonometric and hyperbolic functions in radians, degrees and grads;

✓ Scientific, engineering and fixed-point display modes;

✓ Calculation memory support;

✓ Full support for percentages (20 + 10% = 22);

✓ Decimal degrees into degrees, minutes, and seconds converter;

✓ Tip calc – calculates tip quickly and easily and split the bill between any number of people;

✓ Percent calc (calculation discount, tax, margin and other);

✓ Currency Converter – Track Currencies from around the world with live currency rates. Easily convert between your favorite currencies.

★ Install My Calc to get the ad-free version. To activate your free copy go to Settings and tap Promo. ★

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