Tuesday, April 7, 2015

All 6 Star Wars films are headed to Google Play April 10th for $20 each

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Many of the Star Wars junkies out there likely already have both the original and follow-up trilogies on DVD, VHS or Blu-Ray by now, but what about digital? Lucasfilm and Disney have been reluctant to go that route for quite some time, but those fears seem to have melted as all 6 Star Wars movies will be available for digital purchase online beginning April 10th.

Stores where the goods are available include iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and yes — Google Play. The films will cost you $20 each to start, though that’s not much more expensive than these movies usually go in the digital realm. You can also snap up the entire collection in one fell swoop for $89.99, saving you about $30 if you’re addicted enough to plunge for it all at once.

There is one unfortunate catch to this: these aren’t the original, unaltered films. They’re the “special edition” re-releases that change up a bit of the original sounds, dialog and visuals for purposes of remastering and fulfilling George Lucas’ original vision.

Star Wars purists (we’re talking about the hardest of hardcore) will likely have an issue with that, though those of you who don’t know right from wrong in this regard will likely be fine. You can place your pre-order right now at Google Play and expect the films to unlock as the calendar turns to April 10th.

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