Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fleksy keyboard giving away free unlock to full version, but only for a limited time

Fleksy tablet

We know, it’s going to be tough for anyone already invested in their favorite keyboard app to try something new, but we implore you to give Fleksy a shot. After recently adding a handful of amazing new features, it’s been fighting for the top spot in our favorite keyboard apps ever. Yeah, it’s that good.

Right now, Fleksy is allowing anyone with the free (trial) version of their app to unlock the full version for free. All you have to do is download the free version of the app (uninstall and re-download if you already have it installed) and when you sign into their cloud service, you’ll unlock the full version for free.

Fleksy free unlock app

Normally the paid version runs about $2, which isn’t much, but this will encourage new users to give them a shot. Especially if all you’ve used is the official Google Keyboard or SwiftKey. Fleksy really does offer something different with aggressive auto-correct that allows you to sloppily type whatever you like and the ability to use a combination of gestures to undo corrections, delete words, or add words to the dictionary. Once you get in the swing of things it quickly becomes 2nd nature, so try sticking with it for a few days.

You can find the free version of Fleksy down below.

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