Monday, April 6, 2015

FREE Amazon App for Mon, April 6, 2015: Moon Phase Pro

Mon, April 6, 2015: Today's free Amazon android app of the day is: Moon Phase Pro!

Application Description:

The moon's image is specific to your time and place

When you open Moon Phase Pro, you see an image of the current moon, big and beautiful. This realistic simulation accurately depicts the phase, and crescent angle, as seen from your location. Near new moon, it even simulates earthshine on the dark side.

The app's main activity also shows key, current information about the moon: its phase percentage and name, the time until the nearest new and full moons, and the moon rise and set times bracketing the present. Everything is there, at a glance.

Finally, this view of the moon is fully interactive. Drag your finger over its surface and the lighted area moves with your touch; stop dragging, and the data fields update to indicate on what day the moon will look like what you see. You also can "spin" the shadow with your phone's trackball/touchpad, or go directly to a date and time of interest by direct entry. You can even change your "observer" location to see what the moon looks like from the other side of the world.


Press Menu, open Moon Phase Pro's Calendar activity, and see the entire month's phases at once. The current day is highlighted, and the dates of major phases--full, new, and quarters--are outlined. For the big picture, tap any day and it will open full-screen in the main activity. You can also easily skip to another month by using the buttons in the title bar.

Data Page

For a complete set of details, open Moon Phase Pro's Data page, and see full astronomical data about the moon. There's even information about the sun included. It all updates automatically, in real time. Like the rest of the app, the Data page can easily be switched to show another day, or a different observer location on the Earth. Want to know when the moon will rise on New Year's Day in Fiji? No problem.

Home Screen Features

Moon Phase Pro's functionality isn't contained within the app itself. Three of its features can be added directly to your device's home screen:

Twenty-four hours before each major phase, Moon Phase Pro will notify you that it's about to happen. Optionally, it can play your phone's default notification sound.Moon Phase Pro comes with four sizes of widget, from a tiny one the same size as a single shortcut up to a giant one that fills an entire home screen pane.Don't want to devote valuable home screen real estate to another widget? Moon Phase Pro comes with a live wallpaper, keeping an image of the current moon always in the background. If you have an older (or lower-spec) Android phone that doesn't support live wallpapers, Moon Phase Pro has wallpaper functionality of its own. It looks just like the "true" live wallpaper, and updates just as automatically, without you needing to upgrade your phone.

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