Wednesday, April 22, 2015

FREE Amazon App for Wed, April 22, 2015: Sweet Drmzzz

Wed, April 22, 2015: Today's free Amazon android app of the day is: Sweet Drmzzz!

Application Description:

When sleep sets in, that's when the real adventures begin! Many levels of point and click, puzzle and arcade action by Bart Bonte / bontegames.

Silver PocketGamer Award winner

"Elegant, charming, challenging, Sweet Drmzzz is a masterclass in simple and intuitive game design" -

"It?s an awesome time waster, its true strength is in the simple quality of the puzzles" -

"The crisp graphics and intuitive gameplay combined with some clever level designs will keep you going back for more" -

When sleep sets in, the mini version of you gets in the alarm clock, is launched into space and sets off for a mix of spacey adventures:

- solve logic puzzles involving coloured space worms popping out of planets

- collect stars in space in snake-style arcade levels where the logic and difficulty changes as you make it through more levels

- draw to direct space dust as it trickles out of your space alarm clock, because the space worms need it

and many more...

from GeekExile: Free App of the Day from Amazon!

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