Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Google announces 70 new apps that integrate with Google Now

now card apps

Google Now is consistently one of the best features of Android. It can help you answer questions, schedule things, set alarms, and it will even notify you of things before you need them. Recently 3rd-party apps have started integrating with Google Now, making the feature infinitely more amazing. Today Google has announced 70(!) new partners with even more Now cards.

Google doesn’t list all of the new apps, but they mention Zipcar, Spotify, ABC News, Circa, Feedly, Eat24, Allrecipes, Runkeeper, Jawbone, Adidas, and OpenTable in the announcement post. For example, when you rent a Zipcar, you can see the return time and directions to the drop-off location in Google Now. All of the app partners can be found on this page.

Do you use Google Now a lot? Do your favorite apps and services integrate with Google Now?

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