Tuesday, April 7, 2015

HTC enlists Robinson Cano to smash competitors’ phones with baseball bats for latest ad [VIDEO]

robinson cano htc

HTC is taking a break from Robert Downey Jr’s services to indulge in some baseball fun with Robinson Cano, a world class second baseman hitter for the Seattle Mariners. The baseball player’s task? To knock the competition out of the park… literally.

Someone at a makeshift pitcher’s mound tossed a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, an iPhone 6 and an LG G3 at Robinson Cano, and he proceeded to obliterate them into pieces with his baseball bat. They did it in full, smooth and crisp slow motion video, though obviously not with the lackluster camera sitting on the rear of the HTC One M9.

It’s edgy and bold, though the existence of this ad says something about the tech faithful — they have amnesia. Remember when OnePlus held a contest asking you to “smash the past” in order to win one of their phones and everyone crucified them?

Well, HTC is actually smashing their own phones, and there’s not a single peep to be had. Is that a product of subconscious OnePlus hate or do people simply not care about a company’s actions if they’ve already proven themselves? That’s just a little something to think about when checking this ad out. It gets our attention, that’s for sure.

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