Thursday, April 16, 2015

Samsung’s weird unboxing videos continue, this time showing off Fast Charging feature [VIDEO]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Fast Charging

As you may have seen last week, Samsung is celebrating the (very successful) launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with a handful of “unboxing” videos. These aren’t your typical (read: boring) unboxings and are essentially action shorts shot in first-person. The unboxer finds himself chased by someone and using a variety of fancy parkour moves, is able to allude them with his brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Kinda cool, but whatevs.

Running with that same idea, Samsung is continuing their unboxing series with a new video uploaded to YouTube today. The video shows off the fast charging capabilities of the Galaxy S6 and all the things you can get done during that time. Samsung claims you can get 4 hours of battery life while fast charging the device for only 10 minutes, something we more or less saw in our own testing (check out our full review here). The point of the video was kind of lost on us but you can check it out the full 90-second version below if you’re interested.

from Phandroid

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