Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The LG G Watch doesn’t have WiFi, all other Android Wear smartwaches will get WiFi support

Yesterday, Google announced that Android Wear smartwatches would be getting WiFi support in the next coming weeks, bringing most Android Wear devices in line with the upcoming Apple Watch. Having a WiFi connected Android wearable is definitely a highly sought after feature, even if you still need to have your phone powered on and connected to the Internet in one way or another for full watch functionality. The question remains, does every Android Wear smartwatch support WiFi? Sadly, no.

Yesterday, both Motorola and Sony confirmed publicly that both the Moto 360 and the Sony SmartWatch 3 support WiFi, while other Android Wear OEMs have been silent. We reached out to LG for comment on their offerings and according to them, the LG G Watch does not support WiFi, however the G Watch R and Watch Urbane do. The LG G Watch became available for purchase shortly after Google I/O 2014 last summer, along with the Samsung Gear Live. If you happened to be an early adopter and chose the G Watch over the Gear Live, you’re G Watch is now obsolete. Ouch. We’re still waiting to hear back from Samsung and Asus, though previous iFixit teardowns and FCC documents all but confirm that the Gear Live and Zenwatch do support WiFi. We’ll update this article once we hear from those companies.

Let us know how you feel in the comments LG G Watch owners. Will you be upgrading to the LG Watch Urbane?

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