Thursday, May 28, 2015

Android M battery lasts 2X longer than Lollipop thanks to new “doze” feature


If you were watching the Google IO 2015 keynote, you’ve gotten an early look at some of the things Google’s doing for Android M. One of the biggest things they announced was a feature called “doze,” and it has everything to do with saving precious juice on those petite batteries.

The simplified explanation is that “doze” is a system state that will idle your device and background apps to a near-off state when you haven’t used it for a while, a tactic that can make your phone last twice as long as it would if your Lollipop phone were on standby.

This comes with one sacrifice: apps don’t stay as “fresh,” meaning they won’t be fully up to date with the latest information while your phone is dozing. That’s a small price to pay for double the battery life, though.

And the reason it’s called “doze” is because that doesn’t mean your device has to be completely off the grid to get these battery gains. You’ll still get alerted about phone calls, alarms, and high priority messages (such as text or Hangouts messages) to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Battery life has been something of concern for Android users since the beginning, and with devices coming with more demanding hardware we’re glad Google is taking drastic measures to improve it.

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