Thursday, May 7, 2015

Get 4 Avengers-themed cases for free when you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 [DEAL]

avengers case note 4

Samsung’s really going in with their promotion of the latest Avengers movie, and the latest will be quite nice for those in the market for a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 soon. The company is offering up 4 different Avengers-themed cases whenever you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the United States.

No, you don’t get to choose 1 out of 4 — you get all 4! That’s a pretty insane deal, and even if you aren’t an avengers fan you can’t argue with free. It helps that they look badass, with The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor all being well represented here. Samsung says the set is worth a retail value of a whopping $200, though we’d argue that only a madman would retail these cases at $50 each — there really isn’t anything special about them other than the Avengers designs.

The promotion lasts through June 1st or until they’ve given 4,300 of these sets away, whichever comes first. All you’ll need to do once you have your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and accompanying receipt in hand is head right here.

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