Thursday, May 7, 2015

Report: Android M will allow users to block app permissions upon installation

Facebook Permissions

A new report out of Bloomberg claims Google is finally about to give Android users the one feature they’ve been asking for years now: the ability to hand-pick specific permissions to grant an app upon installation. It’s supposed to be just one of the many features coming in Android M, Google’s next major Android release said to debut at this year’s Google I/O.

Privacy is a growing concern amongst mobile users, with some even forgoing installing certain apps because of their lengthy permission requests (Facebook being one of them). It’s not entirely clear which permissions you’ll be able to block (some or all of them?) although basic permissions like photos, location, and contacts were the ones that were named.

Because often times an app needs many of these permissions to function properly, giving users the ability to block each and every permissions but not be the best move. Not everyone understands that. We’re guessing it’ll be something similar to how iOS asks the user to grant apps permission to access their gallery, or camera app in order to function. In either case, giving users more control of their OS is never a bad thing.

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