Friday, May 1, 2015

Samsung shows us how the beautiful Galaxy S6 Edge is made [VIDEO]

Samsung Galaxy S6 design story

Although we haven’t been the biggest Samsung supporters in years past, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge officially won us over. We talked about the new design in length in both our initial Galaxy S6 review and followup S6 Edge review. Long story short, the phones look and feel great (although the Edge can be a bit awkward to hold).

Today, Samsung is showing us all the care that went into designing the Galaxy S6 Edge and how they “mastered impossible materials” to make the gorgeous device you see before you. It’s an ad, make no mistake. The video doesn’t really take us behind the scenes, or show the people who help build their curvy new smartphone. Instead, we see Samsung heating up and bending the Gorilla Glass 4 that goes onto units, forging its metal frame in the fiery furnaces of Mordor Foxconn, and cutting chamfered edges with diamonds.

It’s sad that its more practical and lower priced sibling — the regular Galaxy S6 — doesn’t get the same video treatment. Guess that one is a little more boring. In any case, you can check out Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 Edge video down below.

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