Friday, May 15, 2015

Samsung spills the beans on the Galaxy S6 Active on their own website

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active black white

When we first let loose word on the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, more information rolled through like an avalanche. And now even Samsung can’t resist leaking their own plans.

The company’s website for Samsung Plus — their advanced support, rewards and warranty program — is now showing support for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. There isn’t any meaningful information tied to the listing except for the fact that it rewards you the same amount of points as if you were to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Curiously enough, the site lists the S6 Active’s release date as April 10th, which we know was the release date for the original models. It seems like an honest mistake by whoever mans these pages within Samsung’s ranks, but for better or worse we know that there’s a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active on the horizon. Let’s hope it won’t take too long for the official details to come to light.

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