Monday, May 18, 2015

Sprint announces upcoming cities getting ‘Direct 2 You’ traveling reps, now open to new or existing customers

sprint direct 2 you

We thought that maybe if we had time to stew it over a little bit, Sprint’s Direct 2 You program would make a little more sense to us. But here we are, a little over a month later and it still sounds like a really strange to move to us. Not bad, mind you. Just strange for a carrier struggling to keep that #3 spot in the US.

In either case, Sprint has announced the next few cities that will benefit from their traveling representatives. Direct 2 You will officially become available in New York City, San Francisco, and Denver starting June 1st. Sprint says their “Xperts” (reps) bring the full in-store “Xperience” straight into the confines of your home. Getting up off the couch to make a trip across town is now obsolete.

The service is completely free, and where it was previously only available to Sprint customers in Kansas City, Miami, and Chicago looking to upgrade their devices (and needing help with setup), it’s now opened to anyone. That means even if you’re currently on T-Mobile and have your heart set on switching to Sprint, Direct 2 You can be at your door in a jiffy.

All you have to do is schedule an appointment by calling Sprint’s 800 number (which can be found at and pick the time and place you’d like a Sprint rep to meet with you and give the rundown on your new phone. Sprint says some people have even set up appointments in hotel lobbies or restaurants, so just about anyplace is fair game. Not that’s service.


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