Thursday, May 14, 2015

Watch this dumbfounded kid utterly confused by a Phonebooth

Sometimes we take for granted just how far technology has come in recent years. Allow this bewildered child to remind you as he struggles to identify the endangered Phonebooth species in its native environment.

Makes you grin – and think for a minute – about this crazy industry we call technology, does it not? When this boy grows up to be a movie director and films the next Superman, where would he have Clark Kent change into his red undies and cape? In a Starbucks’ bathroom?

Or maybe the whole thing will come full circle…

It’s not far from reality: as Adweek Reports, “pay phones around [New York City] will soon be re-animated as WiFi kiosks”. Those kiosks will also allow free outgoing calls via touchscreen to telephone numbers inside the United States. The phonebooth lives!

Details of the agreement will have tech geeks jumping for joy, privacy buffs cringing at potential intrusions, and city government smiling at the dollars rolling in:

  • 20 times faster than the average New Yorker’s home WiFi
  • Law enforcement will have the right to certain data if deemed necessary (advertisers blocked)
  • About $50 Million in annual revenue expected over the next decade

Pretty ingenious. Let’s just hope your great grandkids aren’t using phonebooths to exit the matrix on the way to the eventual destruction of the human race by artificial intelligence.

from Phandroid

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