Friday, August 14, 2015


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In this game, you are being chased by two enemies who are out to kill you. You are put into the shoes of an elephant running away from money hungry poachers. Or those of an ambulance driver running away from the tanks of a blood thirsty crazy dictator Mosba Udbadin. Or, those of an idol thief running from the vampire-like mythical creatures, the Alahauris. Lets see how long you survive…

This game deals with lot of sensitive social and environmental issues such as poaching, war crimes and theft. Please spread awareness about these harmful issues that plague the world by sharing the game.

The app also allows you to unlock a Gold Mode. Gold Mode is a fun new way to play the game. With this mode you not only unlock four new Gold levels, but you can also:
# Get all Power-Ups at Max Level
# Get 10x Score Multiplier that can make your already high score higher
#Get Gold Probability in Win-Spin and Power-Up Spawn.
# Flaunt your wealth

# Immersive Top-View gameplay
#One of a kind – outrun enemies game.
#3 different theme packs: Gold, Warzone and Savannah
#Awesome layering
#Realistic Sound Effects
#2 Control Schemes to choose from
#Variety of difficulty levels for all levels of players
#Pseudorealistic mechanics and controls
#12 Awesome Indie Songs
#Gold Mode with access to new levels and a 10x Multiplier
#Ad – Spin: Win Win for everyone
#Levels with a context and storyline
#Google – Play Integration.

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