Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gravity Beats

Gravity Beats is a new action-puzzle indie game with standard platform and real physics! The controls are simple yet challenging to master. Thrusting in too fast can wreck your ship in a second so don’t rush! Confidence and patience are your best friends to become the Master of Gravity.


★ Everyplay support. Record replays and share them with the community!
★ Over 30 achievements, each of them is rewarded by Google Play experience
★ More than 20 unique and challenging levels
★ On-going story about Prophet’s adventure
★ A Global Leaderboard and individual scoreboard for each level
★ Real gravity on difficulties normal+
★ Day-Glo unique neon graphic design
★ Well polished gameplay
★ Dynamic music
★ Lefty support
★ Three levels of difficulties
★ Undiscovered bugs
★ More updates to come. Stay tuned!

The planet is collapsing and it’s up to you, the Player, ehm the Prophet of the Triangle Religion, to save it! Plan your flight to pass through Cannons, Rotators, Propellers and Magnets and collect those discs with your little spaceship so you can meet the SuperComp and maybe even save the planet!

Are you the real prophet?

Play now to find out!

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