Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rotten Friend Horror Halloween

Rotten Friends (Horror & Scary Photo Editor) is a horror-film inspired app. Nothing’s easier and more satisfactory than pulling a prank at a friend by turning him into a zombie or an infernal creature. In case you are tired of tons of cute apps, you love horror or willing to take part in All Hallows Eve – you got the right app.

Horror game Rotten Friends will take you and your friends to the world of horror. Morph into a blood-thirsty vampire, a sexy succubus, luring men to their doom, learn Voodoo magic and rise from the dead, become a scar-covered cold-blooded, bloodlusty maniac, give Satan a high five and humiliate him with the size of your horns and wing-spread.

Wear a Black Death medic mask from the terror-filled Middle Ages, try on an executioner’s cap, give in to the dark side, for today is the right day.

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– Zombie – Voodoo priests’ unholy magic ritual product from the very heart of the Dark Continent. Zombies and zombies once again! Eat them all!
– Evil – Creatures of Hell broke free. Create a sinister entourage on your photo!
– Masks – Frightening masks
– Holiday – special Halloween pack
– Creatures – most popular ghosts and creatures
– Skin mods – Cover yourself with scary looking scars and cuts, as well as horrifying tattoos
– Weaponry – weapons of infamous maniacs and torture tools of the Holy Inquisition. Ram the holy cross into heads of the undead!

Unique features of the app:
– Easy to master, intuitive photo editor
– Dozens of unique horror-themed images
– Edit images in 3D projective with ‘Skew’ tool
– All images look max real
– Change your skin and eye color with built-in graphic editor
– Can edit saved objects multiple times
– Can use your dark art as a desktop wallpaper
– Sweet gift for all zombie fans
– Integrated SessionM MPoints Rewards!

WARNING: Horror content might not be suitable for children and easily impressionable people.

In case we violated someone’s image usage copyright policy, please notify us, so we delete certain images.

SessionM mPOINTS achievements integrated!
Get real prizes for playing the game! Collect mPOINTS for daily actions on the game! Choose your rewards! Redeem your mPOINTS for gift cards from major retailers like iTunes and Amazon. Rotten friends is best MPoints Apps and Mpoints Games ever.

For better performance enable this option:
Settings->Developer Options->Force GPU rendering

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