Wednesday, April 1, 2015

OnePlus DR-1 drone is actually real, but it’s little more than a toy [VIDEO]

oneplus dr-1 drone

Looks like our cause for caution regarding OnePlus One’s latest announcement was a bit justified. Just as they confirmed on Reddit, OnePlus has revealed the DR-1, and it definitely is a drone. Only, it’s not the serious spy-right gadgetry you were probably dreaming of when they first mentioned it.

It’s a toy. This thing costs $19.99, and although it will actually fly for a good few minutes it’s not to be regarded in the same light as something like the IRIS+ Super Drone.

oneplus dr-1 drone phone

OnePlus is touting this as the world’s smallest remote-controlled drone, though, and they’ll only be available as a limited one time run. Unfortunately the product is already being listed as sold out on their website, and if what they say there is true then there won’t be any other opportunities to snag one in the future outside of something like eBay.

oneplus dr-1 drone controller

So for all you folks mad that OnePlus was making a new product before shoring up the OnePlus One? Chill out, it’s just a quick little toy that likely took them no time at all to produce and did nothing to take away from the work that still needs to be done on their first ever smartphone.

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