Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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Gravity Beats

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gravity Beats

Gravity Beats is a new action-puzzle indie game with standard platform and real physics! The controls are simple yet challenging to master. Thrusting in too fast can wreck your ship in a second so don’t rush! Confidence and patience are your best friends to become the Master of Gravity.


★ Everyplay support. Record replays and share them with the community!
★ Over 30 achievements, each of them is rewarded by Google Play experience
★ More than 20 unique and challenging levels
★ On-going story about Prophet’s adventure
★ A Global Leaderboard and individual scoreboard for each level
★ Real gravity on difficulties normal+
★ Day-Glo unique neon graphic design
★ Well polished gameplay
★ Dynamic music
★ Lefty support
★ Three levels of difficulties
★ Undiscovered bugs
★ More updates to come. Stay tuned!

The planet is collapsing and it’s up to you, the Player, ehm the Prophet of the Triangle Religion, to save it! Plan your flight to pass through Cannons, Rotators, Propellers and Magnets and collect those discs with your little spaceship so you can meet the SuperComp and maybe even save the planet!

Are you the real prophet?

Play now to find out!

* Install the game today to get the ad-free version with a golden ship bonus, FREE today! *

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Sugar Sweet

Join Sweet Tooth Boy on his sweet adventure through Sugar Sweet land. Play the sweetest game around by matching the patters on the top. Sugar Sweet is fully packed with excitement and yet it’s so simple to play.

Play Sugar Sweet alone or with your friends and compare your high scores on leaderboards and progress through Sugar Sweet land.

The goal of Sugar Sweet is to assemble sweet patterns shown on top. Sugar Sweet is a sliding puzzle game combined with match pattern game in super sweet candy graphics style. To play; slide candies left/right, up/down to create patterns. Detailed playing instructions with example are provided in 1st level.

Sugar Sweet is completely free to play but some additional items in game might require extra payments.

  • Install the game today to get extra 50 credits, FREE today! *

Sugar Sweet features:
★ Stunning graphics that will leave a sweet taste in your mouth
★ Amazing music that will stay in your ears for hours after playing
★ Thrilling sound effects will elevate your Sugar Sweet experience to another level of sweetness
★ Boosters will help you overpass even the hardest levels with ease
★ Special items will make the playing board even sweeter and gameplay even more packed with sweetness
★ Complete exciting patterns on top to complete the levels
★ Delicious candies and sweets will just melt in your mind when playing
★ Easy, fun and exciting game play for everyone
★ Everyone loves sugar! The more the better! Add more sugar to your life!
★ Compare your score with your friends on leaderboards
★ Exciting new levels will be added on regular basis to fulfill your daily appetite for sugar

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Sugar Sweet

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Amber Weather

★Get the full version of the app free thanks to Amber Weather Dev Team and Android Giveaway of the Day!★

Amber Weather is your best personal weather station providing current weather conditions and daily & hourly weather forecasts based on your current location or any location in the world. Amber Weather does not only offer real-time weather information and forecasts but also comes with different features for you to customize the weather as you want.

The app features the following:
-Get current weather conditions and weather forecasts for any location in the world (The app is translated into over 30 languages for you to easily use it)
-Detailed weather report: current temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, visibility, atmospheric pressure, dew point and UV index.
-Hourly forecasts and 7 days forecasts
-In-advanced severe weather alerts
-Save your favorite locations to quickly get forecasts
-Current weather conditions notification
-Over 50 home screen widgets in different sizes and themes (try-before-you-buy-service available)
-Refreshing Material Design-based UI
-Optimized for tablets
-Android Wear support

In addtion, it comes with customizable widgets for you to beautify your home screen!
To get the version with widgets unlocked enter coupon code: amber2015

If you have any advice or suggestions, please send your feedback to Your feedback will be fully appreciated. We are looking forward to improving our product with your help.
You can also like us on Facebook to send your great ideas:

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Scan, Safe-keep, Find Original Paper Documents, Share, Sign and more, Online & Off-line. With all cool features ALLDOX will keep you ‘ALWAYS DOCUMENT READY’.


Do your documents have an annoying habit of disappearing when you need them the most? Do you keep everything a little too safe to find it when you actually require them? Be it your Passport, Driver’s license, Certificates, Medical records, Pay stubs, Receipts and Warranties, Bills, Tickets and everything.

ALLDOX with a 3 month upgrade worth OLDPRICE is FREE when you sign up today!

Not anymore. Get ALLDOX, a powerful & secure tool to make you ‘ALWAYS DOCUMENT READY’! Scan, store, find & share them anytime, anywhere – in most secure way! With high level encryptions and bank like security protocols allDox is secure & private – its’ your ‘Electronic Safe Deposit Vault’ ! All your documents are hosted in AMAZON, one of the safest possible storage facility.

Available as Android, iOS and web app ( so that you stay connected with your key documents always.

No matter where in the world you are, this is an app that’s equally relevant everywhere. With a typical family with 1000+ documents and an estimated 50 new documents added every year—most of which require access about 25 times annually, this is a single point app for every document you will ever need.

ALLDOX is the solution to get you that missing control and make you super-organized with your life documents.

Everything about document management is here in this great tool, created with years of consumer insight & experiences of thousands of ALLDOX customers across the globe.

Key features:

• Upload, Manage & Search your documents from anywhere – you can even directly upload documents via mail using ‘AutoDox’, an unique feature created for busy users.

• Digitize (Scan) paper documents effortlessly with device camera or a scanner attached to your computer (when using web app).

• Manage and track paper documents – Never forget where you keep your paper documents, so safe that you don’t even remember where they are! Always remember to get your paper documents that you have given to someone else. allDox is your trusted virtual assistant.

• Alerts – Get alerts to pay your bills or to take your child for vaccination.

• Nomination – Documents are critical assets and they need to have a backup plan. Add a nominee to take care of your documents, in your absence.

• Offline Documents* – Access your documents even when you are not connected

• ShareDox* – Create a data room for easy and safe sharing for your document with others.

• LocalOnly* – Documents and their details will stay only on local device. You have a choice of not taking your documents to the cloud server.

• CodeLocker* – Add additional code to your folders for extra security.

• Two factor security – For a more secure account access.

• Sign* – No need to rush for a printer or scanner to sign a document.

(*Need upgrade)

And its’ simple, so simple that everyone can use it easy – as easy as 1-2-3.

ALLDOX is an easy and intelligent with high security and privacy through bank-like information security best practices including document encryptions, a two-factor authentication process and documents hosted in one of the safest possible place on earth- Amazon. Nobody, other than you, can or will see your documents. Safety and security of your documents are understandably important to you and of paramount concern to allDox.

Did we say it’s FREE! That’s right. Your ALLDOX account on Freedom Plan with cool features and 1 GB of space is FREE, and will always remain, free.

ALLDOX is available across all platforms—web app and mobile app for iPhone & Androids—so you are always in touch with your documents, Simple, Safe & Easy!

So what are you waiting for? Go get ALLDOX and be ALWAYS DOCUMENT READY, right now!

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pirate Empire

Pirate Empire

Ahoy matey! Ready to take the helm and hoist the black flag on your very own vessel? Welcome to Pirate Empire, a 3D adventure game for enterprising buccaneers and fun-loving corsairs. Build and customize fearsome ships, recruit and train infamous sailors, and test your ship’s prowess in cutthroat raids and battles! Give your enemies no quarter and become the fiercest commander to sail the seven seas. Arrr!

20 Basic Manuals, 1 Gold Ticket, 1 Items Ticket and 200k Gold drop from $5.00 to FREE



● Strengthen your ship’s abilities by adding military, commercial, and entertainment cabins.

● Fix your ship after each battle and upgrade it to increase your stats.

● Purchase new ships and decorate them with swashbuckling skins and emblems.


● Hire sailors to man your ship and provide skills for battle.

● Upgrade your sailors, give them their ideal jobs and research their battle skills.

● Recruit legendary pirates like Blackbeard and Red Eric to your cause!


● Travel the seven seas and raid passing ships for loot and resources.

● Rise through the ranks in the Arena and become King of the Pirates.

● Unlock passive and active skills to use in battle.
R2Games Official Website:
R2Games Support:

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Friday, September 25, 2015


★Get the full version of the app free thanks to YL Computing and Android Giveaway of the Day!★

AndUtilities is an award winning collection of tools to optimize and speedup your Android performance. this suite contains utilities to clean your system cache, optimize memory and manage the apps installed on your device. it supports to uninstall the system apps, clean your call logs, SMS and clipboard data. Also includes many other features. With AndUtilities, your device will be faster and cleaner.

To unlock the Pro version please enter coupon code: XWAUNCG915

The following features have been included:

Clean System Cache Files (Cache Cleaner) – Analyze and safely remove cache files to free up storage space and also improve the performance of your device.

Clean Background Processes (Memory Cleaner) – End redundant background apps that slow your phone down to boost your device.

Clean Call Logs and SMS (SMS Cleaner) – Analyze and safely remove redundant call logs and SMS on your device.

Monitor & Clean Clipboard Data (Clipboard Cleaner) – Remove sensitive information such as passwords, usernames or credit card numbers from the clipboard.

Manage Apps (App Manager) – Manage everything about your apps with this utility, it allows users to uninstall, open details or disable the pre-installed apps.

Batch Uninstall Apps (App Batch Uninstaller) – Batch uninstall installed apps or system pre-installed apps.

Clean Web Browser History (Browser History Cleaner) – Analyze and safely remove browser history entries from your device.

Clean APK Files (APK Cleaner) – Analyze and safely remove the temporary APK files from your SD card

Clean Downloads Directory (Downloads Directory Cleaner) – Analyze and safely remove the temporary files from downloads directory

Clean Bluetooth Folder (Bluetooth Folder Cleaner) – Analyze and safely remove the temporary files from bluetooth directory

Clean Thumbnail Cache (Thumbnail Cache Cleaner) – Analyze and safely remove the temporary files from thumbnail cache directory

Clean Screenshots (Screenshots Cleaner) – Analyze and clean the screenshots from your SD card if necessary.

Clean Custom Files and Directories – Analyze and clean the custom files and directories from your SD card.

WhatsApp Cleaner – Analyze and clean WhatsApp Images, Audio, Video, Voice Notes and Backups

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Thursday, September 24, 2015


Can You Develop an Eidetic Memory?
1 picture, 2 seconds and only one good word.

Memotic will challenge you on many aspects: your visual memory, your knowledge and your intuition.

Play with letters and your visual memory to go through the many challenges we have set-up for you.

Cumulate your progression to reach the top position on the GameCenter leaderboard.

Unlock all achievements and reach the top among the best of the best.

* Install the app today to get the ad-free version with 45 clover bonus, FREE today! *

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AMC Security

Monday, September 21, 2015

Speed Booster

★Get the full version of the app free thanks to SoftOrbits and Android Giveaway of the Day!★

Speed Booster can speed up your phone instantly in a single tap without launching an app. You like it easy? Just add Smart Booster Widget on your desktop, and the tool will clean up your system resources instantly when you tap.

Unlike similar products, Speed Booster can not only kick your phone a boost. It can keep it that way for days and weeks by automatically detecting and stopping resource-hogging apps and processes without actually closing them, and restarting services and processes to clean up resources. Speed Booster is quick, easy and light on resources.

To get the version without advertising enter coupon code: 0vw3t

Speed Booster launches automatically when you start your phone, monitoring resource-hogging background processes and freezing them nicely without force-closing. If a memory leak is detected, Speed Booster can restart the process at fault to clean up resources. The built-in task manager allows viewing and managing running processes in manual mode.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015


You like words?
We have shuffled the words between different blocks.
You have to retrieve the words hidden between each topic.
Combined the blocs to exposed the words that are familiar to your or to discover words that you don’t know.

Meli Melo is going to challenge your skills
The game is hard, do not hesitate to use the hints when you need it

The game can be played in English and French.

** Install the game today and get an ad-free version with 150 clovers bonus, FREE today! **

Take care of the different shades of language, (English, American-english, words inherited from foreign language) this is a game full of challenges and definitely FUN!

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Ultra GPS Logger

Friday, September 18, 2015

Mini Hockey Stars

★Get the full version of the app free thanks to PlayJoWee and Android Giveaway of the Day!★

Emotional and simple gameplay, great physics. Mini Hockey is easy and fun to play! Play with your friends online. Play blitz games against players from all over the world. You can play offline against a friend in the same device or play with AI.

Choose your hockey team, defend your nation’s colors or choose premium skin. Collect all hockey teams, collect all formations and improve your skills. Good luck!

To get the version with all skins unlocked, enter coupon code: 14321

– Online and offline multiplayer game
– Simple and fun gameplay
– Amazing ice physics
– Play against your friends
– Collect all teams and formations

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Ultra GPS Logger

Ultra GPS Logger is a GPS Tracker which allows you to generate NMEA, KML and/or GPX logs with your GPS or GLONASS enabled Android device. It is able to keep GPS on during standby, which enables logging of a long period of time without the need of interaction with the device.

Ultra GPS Logger logs raw NMEA sentences! This is much more accurate than other products which just log every minute… It also supports intelligent KML/GPX output, which logs only real movement. Ultra GPS Logger also lets your device vibrate and flash its led in case the GPS fix is lost. Furthermore it represents your track on Google Map or Open Street Map!

User feedback is highly appreciated. Ultra GPS Logger is used for a variety of activities, like hiking, sailing, car / motorcycle / yacht racing. Let me know what you use Ultra GPS Logger for :-)

Install the app today to get the full version. To unlock your free full version, please go to Buy – Voucher – Enter – enter the following promo code: appgratis *


– formats: NMEA, KML, GPX, CSV
– log raw, by distance or time
– log during standby
– AutoLog, AutoStart
– Send log / track by email
– Publish to FTP
– Compress log: Zip, KMZ
– Google Maps, Open Street Map
– POIs, etc
– Online Services
– Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive
– Barometer / pressure sensor
– use of internal GPS
– use of external GPS via Bluetooth
– allow other apps to use external GPS via Mock provider
– act as GPS mouse

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PopCorn Blast

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Tiles – Brain Teasers

Stack, Solve & Smile

Ready for an awesome & challenging stacked brain teasers game, that is complex yet minimalistic, to inspire your mind and logical thinking?

Scientists get to solve puzzles every day, because science and research involve finding solutions from the clues that we are given. Just like with brainteasers (or brain teasers) and riddles, the answers to science mysteries are not always easy to see at first. With time and effort, they eventually become clear.

But before solving the hundreds of brainteasers and riddles in our app, why not read what this app brings you of riddles & fun by using your mind to struggle your way to completing levels, and then have some fun with all our brainteasers and riddles after that.

Tiles is a hypnotic colorful riddle puzzle game, where you have to stack all the tiles into on another upon the end level tile. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is not. To successfully reach the next level you have to use your mind, logic and especially think twice before making a move with the tile.
Earning stars is really important to get you further in the chapters.
Use your mind and your problem solving skills to solve all the superb brain teasers puzzle of Tiles.

* To get the ad-free version with 20 ‘undos’ bonus, go to Options and tap Redeem Code *

How to play

• You have multiple colorful pieces that need to be stacked with one another upon the end level tile
• Combine 2 at a time by putting them near one another, however they do need to have a tile in the middle in order for you to seamlessly connect them


• Minimalist game with colorful graphics so you can turn your full attention to logical thinking
• Logical and hard, one tap tile puzzle game lets you work on your brain on the go
• Multiple levels, each comes with a higher difficulty with an added challenger mode that ensures your mind will have an awesome time
• Try different strategies and get infinite possibilities to solve a level
• Tile puzzle game that encourages logical thinking and problem solving
• Hypnotic music gets you in the mood of solving stacked brain teasers

We know you’re smart. But are you smart enough to defeat the challenge of minimalism? Keep on stacking on this awesome mind game!

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Battery Life

★Get the full version of the app free thanks to SoftOrbits and Android Giveaway of the Day!★

Make your smartphone or tablet last longer! With Battery Life, extending your battery life is as easy as a tap. Switch between pre-set or custom saving modes and make your phone or tablet last longer on a single charge.

Using Battery Life could not be made easier. A single tap is all you need to enable the power-saving mode. Whenever battery runs low or goes down too much then just tap the application to turn on the saving mode.

To get the version without advertising enter coupon code: wccm7

Battery Life comes with three pre-set modes, allowing you to choose how much battery life you’d like to save. When you battery is nearly empty, launching the Saving Mode will make your phone last a few extra hours on the remaining charge. The Sleep Mode is perfect for the night, disabling all radios and communications, muting sounds and vibrations and dimming the screen for the night. The last, easily customizable mode adapts to your usage preferences to save as much battery as you need at any given time.

In addition to fine-tuning your phone, Battery Life will display comprehensive statistics about your battery health and statistics, the charging process and type.

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Z War

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dig Hero

☆☆☆ How To Play☆☆☆
Simply tap the screen to change the direction!!
Easy and fun to play, yet challenging~!

☆☆☆ Welcome to the Drill Spaceship!☆☆☆
To dig deep under the ground, you have to board on this drill spaceship.
And avoid the Red Lasers coming up from the bottom.
There’s warning lights at the bottom : Green lights-> red lights -> Red Lasers!!
It is very hard to survive from the red lasers.

But as you know, we are Dig Hero~!!!!
Just try to dig deeper and deeper. Dig! Dig! Dig!!

Remember that the longer you can survive, the deeper you could reach!!

☆☆☆ Tips to Enjoy DIG HERO☆☆☆
– Get coins as many as you can!!
: Collect more than 15 kinds of cute hero such as king jelly, box man, bad girl and so on with coins.
(Also, complete facebook missions and get facebook special hero~)

– Enjoy with your friends!
: Play and enjoy with your friends to see who can get the deepest score!!
Try to be the deepest Dig Hero!!

* Install the game today to get the ad-free version, FREE today! *

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Clean Pal (Phone Boost)

Clean Pal is the best tool in Android to boost your phone performance.

When do you need Clean Pal?

Clean Pal is perfect for you if your phone has become laggy or runs out of battery easily, if it’s stopped playing games smoothly, if it becomes too hot to hold, or if you want to free up some space to store more photos or songs.

What Clean Pal can do for you?
We make it easy to free up more storage from your phone and SD card, boost games and device memory, enhance speed & extend battery life.

Highlights of Clean Pal:

Deep Clean: Clean Pal’s engine is made to scan deeply for junk that is omitted by other cleaner apps. Ensures user a better deep cleaned phone!
Fast & Intuitive: Simple to use, super-fast and smooth UI, plus cool transition effects.

* Clean Pal premium version drops from 2.99 USD to FREE. *

Features of Clean Pal:

Delete cache and residual files to reclaim storage, boost speed and improve the performance of your device and SD card.

Boost your games and apps, free up memory (RAM), speed up your device and save more battery. Our Boost widgets and Game Boost features make it easy to optimize directly from your homescreen.

Calculate how much CPU is being used by apps on your device. Stop apps from wasting battery, slowing down your device and overheating.

Clean all kind of private data stored on your device like, passwords, chat histories, search histories, clipboard, offline maps etc.

Uninstall unwanted apps or bloatware and back up important ones. Share any app’s apk installed on your device with friends.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Weatherback Weather Wallpaper

Never get bored of your wallpaper again. Mix your static wallpaper with the weather effects for a beautiful and artistic wallpaper experience. Weatherback Weather Wallpaper adds a realistic and beautiful look to your current wallpaper by enhancing it with weather effects. Just think about rolling over first thing in the morning and seeing the weather with a glance of your phone. The weather automatically updates as it changes outside and is extremely easy to integrate with your wallpaper, whether it is your phone or tablet.

✔ Stunning weather effects on top of your wallpaper
✔ Very low battery consumption that is barely noticeable
✔ Customizable effects allow you to pick the effects that you want
✔ Display random effects to show effects that you want instead of following the weather!

* Install the app today to get the premium version, FREE today! *


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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


The app will allow you to add a glitch atmosphere to your photos.

Just upload an existing photo from camera or tallery or take a new shoot.

Real fantastic random glitches!

See screenshots of the app to understand the glitch effect in more detail.

Make everybody understand that errors and glitch are great thing!

* Install the app today to get the ad-free version, FREE today! *

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Pix: Pixel Mixer

Monday, September 7, 2015

Teentor – Family Safety

★Get the full version of the app free for a year thanks to Soft Integrator Europe and Android Giveaway of the Day!★

Teentor is a parental control solution that helps protecting your children from various threats in their everyday life. After installing it you will be able to:

+ Block any unwanted content (for example, games, various messenger apps, sites with pornographic images, etc.) on the device.
+ Monitor how the phone or tablet is used.

To start, simply install Teentor on your child’s tablet or phone and register an account at (if not done already). You can register directly from the application. After this, select your child’s age in your parental Control Panel.

To get a year license you need to create a new account and enter it from the app.

Teentor collects information on how the phone / tablet is used, including:

+ Surfing history.
+ Application use.
+ Search requests.
+ GPS data (location of the device).
+ SMS (sent and received by the phone).
+ Incoming, outgoing, missing calls.
+ Contacts.

Knowing what your child is looking for on the internet is crucial for knowing his or her real needs. You can figure out the main interests of your child by taking a brief look at his/her browsing history. Teentor will also log all text messages sent and received by the phone, including the contact names, date and time, and the message itself.

With this app, you will know which calls your child makes and receives, and how his or her contact list changes.

To access information collected by Teentor, just log in to your Control Panel from any computer / device. In your parental Control Panel, you can also adjust monitoring and blocking settings.

Use Teentor to understand your child better!

from Android Giveaway of the Day

Adventures In the Air

Adventures in the Air is a unique sky adventure, combining a traditional endless running game with an exciting air combat shooting experience. The stunning visual graphics, along with great sound effects and animations, makes it a game you cannot afford to miss.

As an elite pilot, you must use your keen flight skills to maneuver your airplane over a mountain, canyon, and sky filled with dangerous obstacles. Most importantly, you must combat against the enemy “Boss” to survive and continue your mission. Stay out of danger, and you can achieve the highest scores and collect numerous coins, defining your legacy on the online leaderboards and owning the blue sky.

* To unlock your ad-free version with a 10,000 coins bonus FREE, go to Settings, select Shop and enter the following promocode: appgratis *

Key Features:
• Smooth game control mechanics to effortlessly control the airplane for many difficult maneuverings
• Two game control modes – virtual joystick or accelerometer
• A machine gun to combat obstacles and enemy planes
• Many different types of airplanes to choose from, each with its own unique abilities. You can use power-ups to upgrade your plane
• Multiple levels of Bosses to fight against
• Multiple-player feature to compete with real players for more rewards (Facebook login required)
• Missions that you can complete to collect additional coins
• A Challenge system to challenge yourself to earn more coins
• Pre-defined tasks that will earn you more coins
• Google Play Game Services integration with leaderboards and achievements
• Support both Android phone and tablet

from Android Giveaway of the Day

Life Calculator

Life Calculator

Ever wanted to know how many seconds you’ve lived so far? Or like how many hours you’ve slept, or exactly how many days you’ve got left till your next birthday?

Well you can now easily find that stuff out. All you need to do is enter your birthday date. Some of the calculations include:

– Week day of birth;
– What famous person shares a birthday with you and who is celebrating today;
– Your zodiac sign, as well as your Chinese year;
– Length that you walked in your lifetime;
– Amount of breaths taken;
– Amount of heartbeats made;
– And a whole lot more.

If anything of the above has you interested, then this application is for you.
Get to know fun stuff about your birthday and birthdays of others.

App features an easy way to change units from metric to imperial and remembers the last 5 birthdates that you entered.

More statistics coming soon!

* Install the app today to get the ad-free version, FREE today! *

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Sunday, September 6, 2015


DISCORUN – Jump n Run Ecstasy!

★ Unlock 125 coins and Unlimited Play, FREE today! ★

1. Dash in the disco and avoid obstacles!
2. Jump ‘n’ run party: 100+ levels!
3. Collect 100+ club outfits!

Run ‘n’ Repeat!!!

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Friday, September 4, 2015

NoRoot Batch Uninstaller

Batch uninstall apps in 1 click! Without root permission.

Are you a person with lot of apps? Love installing and trying new apps? No time to uninstall one app after another?
You are lucky, You found us!

NoRoot Batch Uninstaller is a new unique kind of an app that allows user to select multiple apps for uninstalling and can uninstall selected apps in just one click. The best part, no root permission required!

So far there are apps that can do the same functionality with root permission, but hooray! we don’t need a root permission to achieve this. In short, Your life made simple!

Highlights of NoRoot Batch Uninstaller:

☆ No Root permission: Delivers same result as rooted batch uninstallers.
☆ Quick Uninstall: Select apps to uninstall, and tap Uninstall button. That it!
☆ Fast & Intuitive: Simple to use, super-fast and smooth UI, plus cool transition effects.

* Install the app today to get the ad-free version, FREE today! *


from Android Giveaway of the Day

Currency converter

Simple currency converter and exchange rates calculator for up to 15 currencies at once!

We’ve seen it all – various currency converters, exchange rates lists with charts and historic data. But who need all that fancy stuff, when you simply need to find out on holiday how much does that thing cost, right?

This app will do exactly what you’d expect of it during the vacation in some country. It’s main advantage is that you can choose four currencies that are visible on main screen. Conversion will take place right away – just as you start to type the numbers.

Do you wish to do some math with the numbers? No problem – use built-in calculator. Result will be automatically converted to all currencies. Can’t find your currency? Just add it as a new currency code and simply run update. App will download it’s name and fresh exchange rate. From now on it will always auto-update.

Main features of this currency converter are:
– nice graphics, also suited for tablets!
– ease of use – convert up to 15 currencies at once!
– offline usage – roaming prices are no longer problem now – all the exchange rates are cached!
– filter of currencies – just press search in list
– various preferences that allows you to change all the small things
– online update is provided via European central bank, Additional sources, RSS feeds or you can manually add any custom currency

* Install the app today to get full ad-free version, FREE today! *

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Currency Converter

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

AMC Security Pro

★Get the full PRO version of the app free for 6 months thanks to IObit Mobile Security and Android Giveaway of the Day!★

AMC Security (a.k.a Advanced Mobile Care) is a security and optimization app from IObit, which is the developer of the popular program Advanced SystemCare for Windows. It is the #1 All-in-one protector and booster to help protect your device from any potential threats and boost device performance to the top.

Maybe you always have the following concerns:
Several tool apps installed but only use a few of their features?
Always find phones and tablets getting laggy and memory constrained?
Worried about all kinds of new tricks and intrusions?
Get lost and confused in other similar apps?

AMC Security can solve them all!

To get the version without restrictions enter coupon code: JE60MTZXW5VPT7B5

AMC Security can replace similar apps in one go.
One-tap Scan, Booster, Security comes with a handful of must-have tools that ensure your devices get a comprehensive protection.
It is also more lightweight than you think.
Smart scan will let you clean all the running apps, cache junk, privacy records and useless APK files.
Deep scan will let you clean junk files, big files and residual files.
All the clean-up are in a few taps. It helps you have enough store space to take more pictures, videos and install apps.
With ranked #1 AV-TEST antivirus engine by AVL, AMC Security protects your device against viruses, trojans, vulnerabilities, malware and spyware.
AMC Security always focus on simplicity and user friendliness. With new material design, you will find how neat and sleek it looks in a well structure.

Other features in Booster and Security
Phone Booster
Help kill applications that are running in the background and clean up your RAM (memory) to boost up your device with one tap.
Game Booster
Improve your gaming speed and experience and smooth game play without lagging.
IObit Cloud Services provides a plug-in which update in real time so that whenever you access a site that detected as phishing, it will help you keep the tricks outside.
Help lock and alarm your lost device immediately by sending a message with ‘alarm#’ and password from any other device. You still can locate and wipe data remotely if the above way failed to find your device.
Payment Guard
Help finds out copycat apps, so that you can uninstall them before money being stolen. Once you launch a payment app, it keeps protecting you all along in the background.
Surfing Guard
Block websites that contain malware, malicious URL and fraudulent content, and warn you instantly by IObit Cloud Services when heading to the danger.
Security Guard
Remind you to enable Wi-Fi Security which can check Wi-Fi’s encryption way, ARP spoofing, and even MITM. Also it reviews other important device settings and gives insecure advice.

Sidebar will be provided with App Manager, Battery Saver, Call Blocker, Privacy Locker and more!

Note: One AMC Security Pro account can be used on multiple devices at the same time since you update to version 5.0.

Customer Services
Here’s FAQs you may want to know:

If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions in using AMC Security, please email us at: or tap Feedback to get a reply within 24 hrs.

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Dragons: Effects and Stickers

Do you like fantasy books and games?

“Dragons: Effects and Stickers” will make you feel like a real dragon!

Have fun, create funny images and show them to parents and friends. We are sure they will be shocked when they see a fire from your mouth.


1. choose a pic from gallery or take one using camera
2. choose a sticker of dragon or fire.
3. incorporate it in the photo.

Great tool for boys and girls who love dragons and fantasy.

All dragon effects are free!

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Action of Mayday: Last Defense