Monday, December 7, 2015

Triangulate it!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Triangulate it!

This app will analyse your picture and will create a cool new one made out of colorful triangles – The easiest way to create fancy modern art.There are also some effects you can apply on the created masterpieces to get really creative outputs.

If you unlock the premium mode you’ll also get SVG export and triangulated video.

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Redy Gym Log – Workout Tracker

Redy Gym Log is the ideal workout buddy when doing bodybuilding and weight lifting at the gym. Redy Gym Log is a fitness tracker / workout log that is specially designed to motivate you to get the most out of your workouts. Logging your sets is fast and easy and so is tracking your progress and history. Redy Gym Log has a very simple and clean user interface that allows you to focus on your results and on optimizing your training.

The premium version of Redy Gym Log (including statistics, achievements, auto-backup and Excel export) drops from $2.95 to FREE.

Free features

– No ads
– Group your favorite exercises into customized routines and sort them the way you want
– Logging of sets requires a minimum of effort and you can quickly review your recent sets and personal best
– A wide range of exercise types are supported ranging from weight lifting and strength training exercises to fitness and cardio exercises: Reps – weight, time – distance, weight – time, time only and reps only
– Add notes or comments when logging your sets
– 1RM (one rep max) is automatically calculated for each set logged
– Share your workout on Google Fit, Runkeeper, Dailymile, Facebook, Twitter and Google+
– Countdown rest timer that starts automatically after a set is logged. A rest period can be set up for each exercise
– Detailed history of previous workouts, including a workout calendar giving a nice overview of your fitness activity.
– Your training log is safe. Backup and restore your log data via mail, local storage or cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).
– Visually pleasing “material design” user interface with easy navigationFeatures available through in-app purchase
– Stats featuring adjustable graphs for each exercise showing either max weight, total weight, total repetitions or 1RM (1 rep max). Enables you to quickly overview and track your progress
– Overview of your achievements at the gym giving you motivating facts about your workout history. For example: “Heaviest lift”, “busiest month” and “longest workout”
– Automatic cloud backup done in the background while you use Redy Gym Log – you’ll never loose your exercise data, even if your phone is lost
– Export feature that allows you to work with your fitness data outside the app (in for instance Excel)

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Dsoid by Qingping He is now FREE!

by Qingping He

Price Drop: $2.59 --> FREE

Redy Gym Log

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Tap 2 Lock

Tap 2 Lock

Tap 2 Lock is a tool that allows to lock phone screen with double tap.
How to use?
1) Use ON OFF button to enable disable screen lock
2) With “Only on home screen” feature you can enable screen lock only on device home screen
3) With “Only screen center” feature you can enable double tap only in the center of the screen
4) You have to give this app Device Admin rights to enable screen lock.
* Install the app today to get the PRO version, FREE today! *How to uninstall ?
————————–Open phone Settings > Device Administrators > and uncheck Tap2Lock there.
After this you can uninstall.


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December 4, 2015

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Would you dare to do some math?

With DareToMath, you’ll learn math the fun way by playing a very addictive and colorful game.

Three different modes are available :
Time Attack
2 Players (Dual Mode)

Features :

DareToMath is also integrated with Google Play Games to allow you to follow the rankings of your friends and family.
You could also see the world’s best scores and unlock all achievements throughout the game.
So, would you dare to do some math to prove your strength? Practice a few times and you’ll see that you’ll definitely calculate faster 😉

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Battery Saver

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Battery Saver

Battery Saver is a great way to improve your battery life. Using its profiles, you can maximize your battery life by automatically stopping battery hogging settings and apps.


– Create powerful profiles to automatically stop battery consuming services and apps. You can schedule your profiles to increase your battery life when your battery dips below a certain level, at a specific time of the day, or when your screen is off.
– Monitor your battery levels with a beautiful timeline, and easily view the current trends.
– Conveniently view accurate information of the time remaining and percent % of your battery. With its notification, battery estimates are at your fingertips.

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