Saturday, October 31, 2015

Resize Me!

Resize your photos easily with ‘Resize Me!’ before sending them by Email or sharing them on Twitter, Facebook, …

You can do that with just one click, or use the interface to rotate, crop and resize.

—- Usage —–

* Launch ‘Resize Me!’
Open a photo or take from camera
Rotate, crop, resize
share or save

* Launch from your viewer (e.g. Gallery)
Select or Open an image
Tap on “share” or “send it” and choose ‘Resize Me!’
Choose image size
Select the application that you want to use to open the result

* Launch from mail apps
Tap on attach button
Choose ‘Resize Me!’
Choose your viewer (e.g. Gallery)
Select an image (or a list of image)
Choose image size

— Features —

* Custom size
* Easy to use
* Keep EXIF tags
* Keep GPS data
* Rotate and crop
* Set as Wallpaper
* Share or save the result

* Install the app today to get tha ad-free version, FREE today! *

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Retro Reversi

Friday, October 30, 2015

Andy's Adventures

Retro Reversi – 2015

Reversi (リバーシ) – a strategy board game for two players. Played on an 8×8 uncheckered board, but may be played also on chess or dama board. The game Reversi was invented in 1883 in London by two English men and renewed popularity in Japan later. Now Reversi is popular in Japan and France.

There are 64 identical game pieces called disks, which are light on one side and dark on the other. Players take turns placing discs on the board with their assigned color facing up. During a play, any discs of the opponent’s color that are in a straight line and bounded by the disc just placed and another disc of the current player’s color are turned over to the current player’s color.

★ Unlock the ad-free version of Reversi, FREE today! To get the ad-free version go to Menu – Promocode – enter the following code: appgratis

The object of the game is to have the majority of discs turned to display your color when the last playable empty square is filled.

* 4 Free boards + Helloween skin!
* Online multiplayer
* One or Two player mode
* Attractive classic wooden interface
* Auto-save
* Undo move
* Statistics
* Sounds

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October 28, 2015

Andy's Adventures

Tactical Assassin by Simon Hason Design is now FREE!

Tactical Assassin
by Simon Hason Design

Price Drop: $0.99 --> FREE

Thursday, October 29, 2015

ThreeKingdoms Conqueror by EasyTech is now FREE!

ThreeKingdoms Conqueror
by EasyTech

Price Drop: $1.03 --> FREE

Rotten Friends

Andy’s Adventures

Andy’s Adventures is a classic platform game that combines old school game play with modern playability. Jump and run with Andy in this platformer through 80 exciting levels. Collect all coins to get more points and buy additional items in store. Try to find all hidden bonus blocks and items to make as good score as you can. Compete with your friends and other peoples to get best score! Eat strawberries and lollipops to become stronger and defeat all monsters.

This game is similar to classic retro game Super Mario.

* Install the game today to get the ad-free version with 1000 coins bonus, FREE today! *

Andy’s Adventures stands out with:
• Beautiful high-resolution graphics
• Awesome gameplay
• Easy and intuitive controls
• Hidden bonus blocks
• Destroyable blocks
• Hidden bonus levels with lots of coins
• Additional collectibles
• 4 worlds with 80 well designed levels
• Over 20 enemies and obstacles
• 8 boss fights
• Store with items
• Rankings for you and your friends
• Achievements to gain
• Achievements and leaderboards through Google Play Game Services
• Classic platform game style

We hope you enjoy the game.
Have fun!!! :)

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Milos UI - CM12 Theme by Zyxxeil is now FREE!

Milos UI - CM12 Theme
by Zyxxeil

Price Drop: $0.99 --> FREE

Rotten Friend Horror Halloween

Rotten Friends (Horror & Scary Photo Editor) is a horror-film inspired app. Nothing’s easier and more satisfactory than pulling a prank at a friend by turning him into a zombie or an infernal creature. In case you are tired of tons of cute apps, you love horror or willing to take part in All Hallows Eve – you got the right app.

Horror game Rotten Friends will take you and your friends to the world of horror. Morph into a blood-thirsty vampire, a sexy succubus, luring men to their doom, learn Voodoo magic and rise from the dead, become a scar-covered cold-blooded, bloodlusty maniac, give Satan a high five and humiliate him with the size of your horns and wing-spread.

Wear a Black Death medic mask from the terror-filled Middle Ages, try on an executioner’s cap, give in to the dark side, for today is the right day.

★ Unlock Premium version of Rotten Friend, FREE today! ★

– Zombie – Voodoo priests’ unholy magic ritual product from the very heart of the Dark Continent. Zombies and zombies once again! Eat them all!
– Evil – Creatures of Hell broke free. Create a sinister entourage on your photo!
– Masks – Frightening masks
– Holiday – special Halloween pack
– Creatures – most popular ghosts and creatures
– Skin mods – Cover yourself with scary looking scars and cuts, as well as horrifying tattoos
– Weaponry – weapons of infamous maniacs and torture tools of the Holy Inquisition. Ram the holy cross into heads of the undead!

Unique features of the app:
– Easy to master, intuitive photo editor
– Dozens of unique horror-themed images
– Edit images in 3D projective with ‘Skew’ tool
– All images look max real
– Change your skin and eye color with built-in graphic editor
– Can edit saved objects multiple times
– Can use your dark art as a desktop wallpaper
– Sweet gift for all zombie fans
– Integrated SessionM MPoints Rewards!

WARNING: Horror content might not be suitable for children and easily impressionable people.

In case we violated someone’s image usage copyright policy, please notify us, so we delete certain images.

SessionM mPOINTS achievements integrated!
Get real prizes for playing the game! Collect mPOINTS for daily actions on the game! Choose your rewards! Redeem your mPOINTS for gift cards from major retailers like iTunes and Amazon. Rotten friends is best MPoints Apps and Mpoints Games ever.

For better performance enable this option:
Settings->Developer Options->Force GPU rendering

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Wedding Planner by PlanBook is now FREE!

Wedding Planner
by PlanBook

Price Drop: $2.49 --> FREE

Saturday, October 24, 2015


The best addictive adventure games.

Help the little water ball find the way to escape out of sewers!

Following the original bouncy ball games, waterga is a cool game to make you kill the time.
Unlikely other bouncing ball games and bubble games, this bouncy ball has its own story: a morning dew drop falls into sewers from the leaves… our baby bouncer waterga has to escape the polluted water stream behind…

It’s your time to join the underground adventure game with little bouncing balls!

* Install the game today to get the ad-free version, FREE today! *

※ Note:
1. waterga Bounce Ball is best killing time game. You will not stop the moment you begin.
2. This fun game is a game for boys also could be a game for girls, everyone can play if their fingers quick enough

[Game Play Service]
You can compete in social play with people all over the world by using the Google plus ID.
Do you have confidence to be the No.1 in the world?

To touch the left and right sides of the screen.
Bouncy ball is a most simple game.
You can feel the addictive nature of the best user simplicity, we did a lot of effort.

1.100% free brain games
2.endless updates

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Ringtone Maker & MP3 Cutter

Friday, October 23, 2015

Ringtone Maker & MP3 Cutter

No.1 Ringtone Maker & MP3 cutter in Android. The Only app you need for making Ringtone with all features and simple material design UI.

Ringtone Maker & MP3 Cutter is free app to create ringtone, alarms, and notifications from MP3, WAV,AAC/MP4, 3GPP/AMR files.

Cut the best part of your audio song and save it as your Ringtone/Alarm/Music File/Notification Tone.

Make your own MP3 ringtones fast and easy with this app. You can even record a live audio and this MP3 editor can edit and trim the best parts from it for free. Supports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR and most other music formats. This app is also a music editor/alarm tone maker/ ringtone cutter and notification tone creator.

* Install the app today to get the ad-free version, FREE today! *

How to use Ringtone Maker & Mp3 Cutter:
1.Select mp3/music from your mobile or from Recordings.
2.Select area to be chopped from your audio.
3.Save as Ringtone/Music/Alarm/Notification.

Edited Ringtone save path:
Ringtone: sdcard/ringtones
Notification: sdcard/notifications
Alarm: sdcard/alarms
Music: sdcard/music

App Features:
♪ Record button at top right of app to record an audio/music for editing.
♪ Sort music according to: Title, Album, Artist, Date Modified, Duration, Size etc.
♪ Option to delete (with confirmation alert) the created Tone.
♪ View a scroll-able waveform representation of the audio file.
♪ Set start & end for the audio clip, using an optional touch interface.
♪ Tap anywhere on the wave & the built♪in Music player starts playing at that position.
♪ Manually set the Start & End time(in seconds) by typing the values in text boxes at bottom of app.
♪ Option to Name the new cut clip while saving it.
♪ Set the new clip as default ringtone or assign to contacts, using this editor.

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Drink Water

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Miao High Dive

It’s summer time! Wait no more!

Join the beach party with Miao! Go play swimming game and surfing game on his pirate island!

Miao is a pirate cat!
Kitten hates water, Miao love water, Miao love diving. ~~ miao…
It’s your turn to break the world outdoor diving record in this pseudo-endless arcade diver.

***How to play:
Simple touch to jump and high dive to the sea, tap left and right to avoid the seagulls and other birds while falling.

* Install the game today to get the ad-free version, FREE today! *

◉ Multiple characters : kitten Miao, bikini, mermaid, and exclusive pirate king!
◉ Fast and furious endless gameplay;
◉ Simple one touch controls;
◉ Special achievement awards;
◉ Game Centre leaderboards;
◉ Amazing art style;
◉ Fun upbeat soundtrack and sound FX;
◉ Free to play;
◉ Challenge friends for highest all time dive.

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Miao High Dive

October 17, 2015

Monday, October 19, 2015

MathStudio by Pomegranate Software is now FREE!

by Pomegranate Software

Price Drop: $0.99 --> FREE

DRPCIV chestionare by ITC Develop is now FREE!

DRPCIV chestionare
by ITC Develop

Price Drop: $1.00 --> FREE

Long Narde – Backgammon

Long Narde (also known as just Backgammon, Nardes or Russian Narde, is similar to Moultezim in Turkey and Fevga in Greece) is a variant of Backgammon game played in Middle East, East Europe and Russia, Ukraine. The board game does not need special representation, as well as, for example, chess, checkers. This game is one of the oldest board games for two players. The playing pieces are moved according to the roll of dice, and a player wins by removing all of his pieces from the board before his opponent.

Narde is a challenging board game that can train your logic and strategic skills. Challenge your strategic skills with this relaxing game.

★ Install the game today to unlock the ad-free version, FREE today! To get your ad-free copy go to Settings – Promocode – enter the following code: appgratis

* Simple interface – just start and play!
* Small package size;
* On-line mode with Google+ account!!!
* On-line multi-player with chat, leader boards, achievements, ELO, Invites;
* One or Two player mode;
* 7 game boards;
* Long move;
* Undo move;
* Attractive classic wooden interface;
* Auto-save;
* Dice and games statistics;
* Sounds.

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Skyland Clash

Clean The Dishes

Wash the dishes as fast as you can, then sort it into the proper pile! Sounds easy, but can you master it? Scrub it fast to keep the time going, but don’t make a mistake, or it could cost you! Wash fast, sort fast, master your dish washing skills and rise to the top of the leaderboard.

Clean as many dishes as you can before your life runs out – you need to be extremely fast in order to keep it going.

* Install the game today to get the ad-free version, FREE today! *

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bike Dash

Bike Dash

**Bike Dash performs better on new devices : Samsung Galaxy 5 capability and alike.

Feel the rush as you ride your bike across hazardous trails avoiding obstacles while performing gravity defying tricks to reach the farthest you can.

The game combines authentic mountain bike downhill action with an extreme endless runner.

Earn extra coins by performing tricks and combos in huge jumps .
Level up to unlock more insane tricks and upgrade your gear.

* Install the game today to get the bonus 150 gold bars, FREE today! *


Richly detailed Forest and desert trails.
Switchable First Person and third person view.
15 amazing Tricks to unlock.
Over 20 Gear items to upgrade.
Epic Ragdoll bones breaking, blood splatering crashes.
Upgradable perks.
Online leaderboards and achievements.
Addictive Gameplay!

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Saturday, October 17, 2015


Empire War: Age Of Heroes

Daylight Ninja

Words with Friends




Pocket Skynet by II8JD is now FREE!

Pocket Skynet
by II8JD

Price Drop: $0.99 --> FREE


Friday, October 16, 2015

Psychology 101 by WAGmob (Simple 'n Easy) is now FREE!

Psychology 101
by WAGmob (Simple 'n Easy)

Price Drop: $1.99 --> FREE

Cops N Robbers by Riovox is now FREE!

Cops N Robbers
by Riovox

Price Drop: $0.99 --> FREE

MoBu – Adventure Begins

Meet MoBu, the laziest ape in the jungle, who has the appetite of 5 elephants. One day MoBu meets a whimsical voodoo magician MaGu, who lends MoBu a supernatural power that allows him to infinitely extend his arms. However, if MoBu wants to satisfy his hunger now, he has to eat bananas… A lot of bananas.

MoBu is an action-packed simple platformer game with fun mechanics designed for mobile devices. Instead of running or flying, MoBu swings his arms to victory against his hunger.

Maneuver through uniquely designed environments like vile jungles and toxic dumps. The innovative game mechanics, combined with beautiful and humorous art style, will give you a memorable and funny game experience.

* Install the game today to get the ad-free version and 1500 bananas bonus, FREE today! (to unlock bonus bananas you have to complete first levels). *

Key Features
* Innovative game mechanics
– A rare mechanics style among the platformer games. (Ninja rope style arm juggling)
– Moving obstacles (Poisonous bubbles from swamp, dripping lava from top, etc)

* Minimalist approach
– Very simplistic game mechanics that can be played with a single finger.
– Lean interfaces immersed in game environment.

* 3 Different episodes (environments) with 45 levels
– A Gloomy Jungle with vile creatures!
– A hazardously unstable lava ridden environment.
– Pollution strikes! Toxic environment with more challenges to face.

* Replay or share your victory with your friends!
– At the end of each level, you can upload your replay and share your victory run to show off your moves!
– Your videos are uploaded to Everyplay and they can be directly shared via Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.
– You can record yourself a video over your replay!

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Empire War: Age Of Heroes

Thursday, October 15, 2015

ML Manager

ML Manager is a customizable application manager for Android 4.0+

• Extract installed & system apps and save locally as APK.
• Organize your applications marking them as favorite.
• Share APK with friends using Dropbox, Telegram, email, etc.
• Uninstall apps easily.
• Customizations available in Settings.
• No root required.
• Material Design.
• Open Source and licensed under GPL v3.

Want to talk about ML Manager and stay informed of the latest developments of the application? You can also participate in the official community on Google+. You are welcome!

* Install the app today to get the ML Manager Pro Version, FREE today! *

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Daylight Ninja

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


by Tak Team Studio

Price Drop: $1.20 --> FREE

Daylight Ninja

Why should all Ninjas work only in night shifts? This particular ninja is a bit afraid of the dark and has decided to do the job in bright daylight.

Daylight Ninja is fun and addictive platformer game that presents a new innovative way of controlling the main character. If you have played Angry Birds then you know how to make Daylight Ninja jump. Just tap and drag to jump and make your way on top of the next building. Be aware of the numerous obstacles and don’t waste any time because the city is collapsing. Have fun trying!

* Install the game today to get the ad-free version with 100 coins bonus, FREE today! *

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Survival Games by Riovox is now FREE!

Survival Games
by Riovox

Price Drop: $0.99 --> FREE

Words with Friends

Monday, October 12, 2015

TempMonitor by Dustinmj is now FREE!

by Dustinmj

Price Drop: $0.99 --> FREE

LONE CM11 THEME by Kikkos is now FREE!

by Kikkos

Price Drop: $0.99 --> FREE

Fleet Combat 2 by Triad Gene Software Co.,Ltd. is now FREE!

Fleet Combat 2
by Triad Gene Software Co.,Ltd.

Price Drop: $0.99 --> FREE

Hooks – Alerts for Everything

Hooks lets you discover and create push notifications for just about anything, and configure the notifications based on your needs. Choose from thousands of subjects and types, from television, music, sports, social media, weather, and more. Hooks has already sent more than 50 MM notifications worldwide to more than 200 000 people just like you.

Some of the alerts you can find and subscribe to on Hooks:

* Sports: scores, live results and schedules from your favorite team
* NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL games and scores
* European Leagues
* Music Concerts: get notified of new concerts, festivals and new albums of your favorite band
* Videogames releases and updates, Twitch streams
* Weather: weather change for rain, ice, snow, temperature drop, etc.
* TV shows and movies: when will be the next episode, schedules of your favorite tv show, etc.
* Lottery results
* Pollen and allergy
* New meetups on your area about the topics you care about
* Films by rating, director or starring
* Top restaurants
* AMBER alerts
* Shipment tracking for every courier
* Website down watcher
* Horoscope
* Earthquake and Hurricanes
* Track mentions of you or your brand
* New Online courses
* Monitor Alexa rank of your website
* Currency exchange rates, including Bitcoin
* Stock watcher
* Mentions on Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest
* Youtube, Vimeo and Quora updates
* Reddit, ProductHunt and HackerNews top articles

* Install the app now to get the unlimited alerts and notifications, FREE today! *

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

PP Theme – MIUI56 by PixelRush is now FREE!

PP Theme – MIUI56
by PixelRush

Price Drop: $1.99 --> FREE

Turbo Grannies by Imperial Game Studio is now FREE!

Turbo Grannies
by Imperial Game Studio

Price Drop: $0.99 --> FREE

¡Ay Metro! by RevArts Gaming is now FREE!

¡Ay Metro!
by RevArts Gaming

Price Drop: $0.99 --> FREE


Classic Blocks by Artis Game Studio is now FREE!

Classic Blocks
by Artis Game Studio

Price Drop: $0.99 --> FREE


Qolorz is a truly puzzling and addictive game !

The aim is to prevent the 4×4 grid from filling up completely and earn as many points as you can by judiciously combining the colors on the grid.

The Qolorz gameplay is based on a simple idea: as with painting, you need to mix primary colors (blue, red, yellow) in order to obtain secondary colors (green, orange, purple), which are then combined to produce brown. Throughout the game, a lottery system, which adds to the suspense, gives you the possibility of winning a few magic items.

Qolorz ad-free drops from $0.99 to FREE!

The game is easy to master, but to achieve high scores, players will need to use ingenious moves and strategies to delay the end of the game as long as possible!

Get in touch:


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Audubon Birds of North America by Green Mountain Digital is now FREE!

Audubon Birds of North America
by Green Mountain Digital

Price Drop: $3.99 --> FREE

Nikon SpotOn Ballistic Match by Nikon Inc. is now FREE!

Nikon SpotOn Ballistic Match
by Nikon Inc.

Price Drop: $4.99 --> FREE

Friday, October 9, 2015

Runmore C25K Trainer

Runmore is based on the proven C25K workout schedule to get you off your couch and on to running 5K in 9 weeks. Whether you’re a first time runner or training towards a 5K run, Runmore is perfect for you.

Runmore clearly visualises a 9-week proven plan and provides you with clear audio instructions as you complete each session to help you focus on the running and keep your phone in your pocket. Runmore then tracks your weekly progress guiding you along the way to that 5K finish line.

* Install the app today to get the Plus Version, FREE today! *

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Ballz Eye

Edge Tracer - Superimpose - by Magichour Corporation is now FREE!

Edge Tracer - Superimpose -
by Magichour Corporation

Price Drop: $0.99 --> FREE

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ballz Eye

Test your speed, concentration and passion with this simple, yet difficult ball game. Not for Color Blind people.

Swipe the randomly popping colorful balls towards the corner with matching color. Swipe balls to the right corners and earn scores. You will be exposed to some hurdles as bombs, avoid tapping on bombs. The ballz come at various speed and appear in random colors. Make sure, your eyes are glued to the ballz and the corresponding corners.

Take the top position on the leaderboard before anyone else does!

Download now to take the challenge. Do not forget to share with your friends.

* Install the game today to get the ad-free version and 3 lives, FREE today! *

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XDA Premium by xda-developers is now FREE!

XDA Premium
by xda-developers

Price Drop: $1.49 --> FREE


Tuesday, October 6, 2015


You like words? Then you will like 1Agram. A word is given to you, retrieve the anagrams matching this word. Conjugation forms for verbs, special accent and character are traps you will have to go through to reveal the hidden anagrams.

1Agram is going to challenge your skills. The game can be tricky and surprising, do not hesitate to use the hints when you need it.

The game can be played in english, french, italian, german, spanish and portuguese

Take care of the different shades of language, (english, american-english, words inherited from foreign language) this is a game full of challenges and definitely FUN!

* Today you get a ad-free version of the game and a free bonus of 150 clovers *

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Empire:Rome Rising

Monday, October 5, 2015

ScoutLook® Hunting Weather by ScoutLook® Hunting Weather is now FREE!

ScoutLook® Hunting Weather
by ScoutLook® Hunting Weather

Price Drop: $1.99 --> FREE

UAZ 4x4 Offroad Simulator by Andi Games is now FREE!

UAZ 4x4 Offroad Simulator
by Andi Games

Price Drop: $0.99 --> FREE

Bulbman 2: Crossy Pipe

Amazing Bulbman 2: Crossy Pipe (Rooftop Adventure) is very simple and addictive platform game with brand-new innovative game play than no other endless running game.

WARNING: Extremely additive! YOU need the IQ of 140 to go beyond level 40

How to play:
Press and hold on screen to raise the pipe. Release your finger to lay the pipe to connect the roofs

– How far can you go? Challenge yourself and share it with your Twitter followers;
– Quirky character design and awesome HD graphics;
– Login to Google Play game services for worldwide leaderboard.

* Install the game today to get the ad-free version, FREE today! *

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Bulbman 2: Crossy Pipe

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Learn Arabic. Speak Arabic by ATi Studios is now FREE!

Learn Arabic. Speak Arabic
by ATi Studios

Price Drop: $2.52 --> FREE

Interval Timer: HIIT & Tabata

So you’re looking for some HIIT interval timer that you’ll always have with you? Do you need something to schedule your tabata exercises, something for interval training or simply your old fitness timer is broken? Look no further, cause you’ve just found it! New Interval Timer is for all interested in tabata, high intensity interval training workout (hiit workout) or circuit training workout. It also can be used for boxing workout, running, cycling, sprint, weightlifting, HIIT and basically anything that needs proper timing. This app will help you get the results you always wanted.

★ Interval Timer drops from $0.99 to FREE today.

– Create your own circuit training by combining intervals
– Reorder intervals simply by long click and dragging them up or down in the list
– Add one interval at a time or whole circuit training at once
– Set own sounds, vibrations for each interval
– Pick from range of designs
– Each interval will be announced during workout
– Log your workouts and export logs to csv file
– Calculate approximate energy expenditure based on MET values
– Gain achievements as you workout
– Import and Export to cloud
– Download and Upload your workouts to the cloud
– Share your workouts with friends

Simply create timers for your training schedule by defining your preparation, workout, rest and cooldown durations. If your workout doesn’t fit this template of four independent intervals just add each interval with custom name, duration and sounds individually. It is also possible to create dynamic training plans in which every round and rest time can be longer or shorter. This way you can create any workout you desire.

You can easily share your workout with friends or simply upload them to the cloud for the entire world to use. Download any workout others have created by using filters for training duration and sort them as you like.

Why should you work out with this app? Not only you’ll feel wonderful after a workout, with this app your training will be logged and you can easily see the statistics of how you work out. You can see the date and a time when you finished, total duration, how much time you’ve spent working out and resting and how many calories you’ve burned. Calories are calculated based on your weight using MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) constant for each interval. There is a possibility to export your workout logs to csv file and use them in app / program of your choosing.

And did I mention achievements? As you work out, you gain achievements. It keeps you motivated and you can show them to your friends, so they can envy you :) Achievements are simply awesome.

from Android Giveaway of the Day

Interval Timer

Saturday, October 3, 2015

TSF Launcher 3D Shell by TSFUI is now FREE!

TSF Launcher 3D Shell

Price Drop: $9.99 --> FREE

Toy Defense 2 – Strategie by Melesta Games is now FREE!

Toy Defense 2 – Strategie
by Melesta Games

Price Drop: $1.99 --> FREE

Stratego® Multiplayer by Gembly BV is now FREE!

Stratego® Multiplayer
by Gembly BV

Price Drop: $3.99 --> FREE


Welcome to the future, save the world by stopping the evil rings from wiping out the whole DOT world.

Gameplay is simple; Tap the screen ensuring that the correctly colored MiGHTY DOT is in the path of its corresponding incoming ring. Do you have what it takes to become MiGHTY and save the world.  Like other games, like the world renowned game Tetris, we give you a chance at the start, but you should make sure that you do not become complacent and DO NOT take your eyes off of the screen.

Make no mistake; the game becomes faster and faster until only the truly MiGHTY survive.

BE AWARE: this game is addictive and compelling, plus you want to be the best, and now it is easier than ever to prove. We have included a leaderboard and you can also choose to share your highscore, via Twitter or Facebook. When you work as hard as you will in order to achieve the high scores in this game, then why not show off to your friends and the entire world how MiGHTY you are.

★ Install the game today and unlock the ad-free version of MiGHTY DOTS, FREE today! ★

Fun extras:
Earn badges, for reaching certain milestones and undertaking certain actions.
Share your scores with your friends, easily on Twitter/Facebook (100% optional).
A multitude of different backgrounds.
Made using Cocos2d-x

To master this game you will have to rely on your instincts and skill.

Will you answer the call?

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Mighty Dots

Friday, October 2, 2015

RAM Booster Ultimate