Friday, April 17, 2015

Adobe promises better Creative Cloud support for Android is coming this summer

adobe creative cloud

There comes a day in every company’s life where they just have to bite the bullet and admit they haven’t put their best foot forward. For Adobe, that day is today. While Adobe has released a number of great apps on Android already, the latest advances in their suite of multimedia editing tools under the Creative Cloud banner have largely been confined to iOS.

Namely, the Creative Profile and Creative Profile SDK that gives you access to all your image profiles, presets, brushes and colors have yet to find a home on Android. Adobe says that doesn’t mean they aren’t in the works, though, and tells us to expect the first of these apps to arrive in the Summer of 2015.Android users have cause to be upset, for sure. After all, they pay just as much for their Creative Cloud subscriptions as iOS users and aren’t getting nearly the same level of support. We’re not sure what Adobe has to do to make sure Android doesn’t fall behind again — perhaps adding a team of software engineers dedicated to Android is in order — but we’re hopeful this first step is a sign that they’re finally getting serious about the world’s leading smartphone platform.[via Adobe]

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