Friday, April 17, 2015

OnePlus schedules event for 4/20, OnePlus Two incoming?

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After a report revealed that Chinese startup OnePlus would be launching not 1, but 2 handsets this year, former Oppo vice president Pete Lau n’ friends are gearing up to announce something on April 20th. The company — which has upped their employee count from 6 to over 1,000 new workers — announced the news, where else, but on their Google+ page.

OnePlus event invite announcement April 20th 2015

We’re not sure what they’ll be announcing, but it’s pretty short notice. Their announcement post didn’t give us any clues, only that “From here on out, anything could happen.” While it seems fairly sudden to announce a followup to last year’s OnePlus One, it has almost been a year since the original was announced. Still, we’re not ruling out the possibility of a new hemp backed OnePlus One cover either.

Jokes aside, we’d actually love to see a OnePlus Two and maybe smaller OnePlus Half unveiled on Monday. Despite countless flubs over marketing of the OnePlus One last year and an even more frustrating invite system, it’s hard to deny it was a great phone at an even more attractive price point. Recently, OnePlus launched their own in-house Android build for the device dubbed OxygenOS, followed shortly after by Cyanogen OS 12.

We wont have to wait too much longer, April 20th is barely a few more days away. Heck, even sooner if you’re in China. What do you guys think it will be. Even better, what are you hoping for?

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