Thursday, April 9, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 sales have doubled the Galaxy S5 on T-Mobile

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 may not launch until tomorrow (April 10th), but apparently pre-orders are already doing very well. T-Mobile has sent out a press release about their Spring lineup of phones. Included in that press release was a nugget of interesting information about the Galaxy S6.

T-Mobile says sales of the new Galaxy S6 series in the first 10 days of pre-ordering have been nearly double those of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 was previously the most popular Galaxy device ever at T-Mobile. That’s pretty insane. If T-Mobile is seeing this huge demand you can bet other carriers are as well. One might think this spells doom for HTC, but T-Mobile says HTC One M9 sales have also been higher than the HTC One M8.

It’s no surprise the Galaxy S6 is outselling the Galaxy S5. People were very underwhelmed with Samsung’s offering last year, which is what spurred the complete redesign this year. Likewise, people have been underwhelmed by the One M9, but it still seems to be selling well enough. Which device are you buying?

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