Friday, April 10, 2015

Watch the first batch of Samsung Galaxy S6 commercials [VIDEO]


The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxys S6 Edge are officially on sale now. Samsung has already been heavily advertising the devices, but now we should see the marketing really pick up. This is where Samsung sets itself apart from other Android manufacturers. Everyone knows what a “Galaxy” is, and soon everyone will know the Galaxy S6.

The first couple of new Galaxy S6/Edge ads are starting to pop up on Samsung’s YouTube channels. The first one stars James Corden, new host of The Late Show. In the ad he is battling with his alter-ego hipster director, who Samsung named “Wilf” for some reason.

The second ad is all about anticipation. You can see people at the top of roller coasters, at the top of a waterfall, about to go on stage, and more. The the Galaxy S6 Edge is shown and everyone experiences the joy that follows anticipation.

What do you think of these new ads?

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