Monday, May 11, 2015

Motorola says Lollipop for the original Moto X is being test driven, official rollout in a few weeks

Motorola Moto X DSC00695

Lollipop has got to be one of the more frustrating Android releases we’ve seen in quite sometime. Motorola knows your pain, and it’s the reason Motorola’s Senior Director of Software Product Management David Schuster took to Google+ to update us on the status of the Moto X 1st Gen and its planned update to Lollipop.

Instead of blaming buggy code, Schuster mentions that a lack of support from “some of our hardware partners” as the cause of the delay, but didn’t offer any more details outside of that. He did note that Lollipop is already being test driven here in the US and in Latin American regions, with the official over-the-air update not more than a few weeks off. That’s great news.

Exactly what the means for carrier versions of the Motorola Moto X is anyone’s guess. Just take solace in the fact that Lollipop is, in fact, coming and people are actively working to ensure it’s a smooth — and more importantly bug free — transition to Google’s latest.


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